cruelty free cartoons


We’ve all seen the caricaturists who will lampoon a person by taking certain features of a person and exaggerating them. More often than not the result can be very unflattering and hurtful to the person drawn…. THAT is NOT how I work.

My job is to reflect back to the person the best parts of them in a personalized souvenir that makes he or she feel great! I like to ask what he or she would be doing in their perfect world. It is definitely fun to watch as if by magic every idea is quickly drawn in a fun way. What’s more interesting is how that idea changes from person to person and that spectrum comes alive in fun cartoon form.

There is something about cartoons that really connects people because it speaks to the kid residing inside us all. I especially love working international events where people from different countries who could not normally interact due to language barriers laugh together while watching each other get drawn.

It is how you were made to feel in a given moment that anchors a strong memory and at your party or event you definitely want your guests to have a fantastic one.

I use the latest in cutting edge technology to draw cartoons at events. The cartoons are drawn on a high end touch screen monitor and instantly printed out via a laser printer. While the cartoon is being drawn it is simultaneously projected onto a screen or monitor so that everyone, except the model can be entertained while the process unfolds. The person not only receives a hard copy of their cartoon, but the opportunity is also available to receive their cartoon electronically so that they can reproduce it or use it as a profile picture for Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin etc.

Although I am based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, I entertain at events throughout Canada, the US, Asia and Europe. I am also available online for illustrations and creative consulting.

I have entertained at:

Trade Shows
Tourism Events
Product Launches
Fashion Events
Open Houses and Hospitality Events
Company Parties and Picnics
Charity Fundraisers
Private Parties

School Events
Weddings and Showers
Birthday Parties
Train and Ship Cruises
Sport Tournaments
Night Clubs and Pubs
Kids Parties
Movie Industry Events
Military Events
Political Events