cruelty free cartoons


Mark SiermaczeskiMy name is Mark Siermaczeski and I am a Vancouver BC, Canada based caricaturist, illustrator, cartoonist, entertainer and creative consultant. I do events across Canada and the USA. I have been caricaturing at parties and corporate functions for over 15 years starting with pencils and markers in the early days to using touch screens at live events today.

Even though I use the latest technology to quickly draw beautiful caricatures my primary focus is creating a connection with the model being drawn and the audience watching. I am fascinated by what makes people “tick” and really love getting to know each and every one of them better. Quality of connection is important and always creates more fun for everyone. I have an excellent ability to feel a person’s vibe and to create a cartoon that he or she relates to and cherishes. Some people require a conservative cartoon while other’s prefer something edgy. I love to create what works for that person in the moment. Kindness is of paramount importance to me.

I have a passion for health, transformation, life purpose, creativity and all of the steps that create more freedom within and without and celebrates the best in people.